The hidden drama

The person who swears on vent and calls people morons. The person who ninja loots. The person who verbally abuses people in guild chat. I can handle those problems. Those are EASY to fix. When someone behaves in a totally unacceptable way in the guild, it’s time for them to go. It’s all the drama that you can’t get rid of that slowly eats away at my sanity.

The guy who complains all the time. The person who refuses help or suggestions from other people. Personal disagreements and people pushing each others buttons. People upset they didn’t get picked for a raid. Crying because one person’s alt got into a raid but another person was asked to come on their main. The list goes on, and I can’t fix any of those problems. I’m not the politician who needs people to vote for him. I’m the guy who takes a situation and escalates it until either the person leaves or agrees that I am right. I decide where we go, or what we do. I don’t hold hands or tell people their feelings are important.

I think that when a guild is making some hard decisions, you need a guy like me. You need the person who lays down the law, decides what is going to happen, and does it. My way or the highway kind of situations are where I think I do well. But, later, when the guild needs more nuanced direction and fine tuning, I am the wrong guy. I can throw people off the ship and decide what port we’re headed to, but I don’t enjoy or excel at solving betty and john’s fight over how to swab the deck most efficiently.

I know, I know, more QQ for the fire.


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