Ignorance is the name of the game

I spend way too much time reading blogs about WoW, WAR, and pretty much anything related to MMO’s at any level. Obviously everyone has their own opinion, and I am no different.

I understand the people who are into nuts and bolts of a specific game. These people are the theory crafters and mechanic explorers. They don’t wonder if things are “good” or “bad”, they are looking for “how”. The truly great people in this mindset can see a big picture, large trends, that are all built on the little, tiny nuts and bolts of how things work.

I also understand the complainers. The frustration and the heartache of how things can really suck. I empathize with these people quite a good deal. This entire blog stemmed from my dissatisfaction with being a guild leader. My frustration with World of Warcraft when it came to the higher level (social) game. I would like to think that most people in this category are driven by the idea of “I want more.” I know I want things to be more fun, more engaging, more consistent, more well designed. I’m not content to see a game and say, “It’s good enough.” Because that’s just not possible.

And, lastly, I see a group of people who are just fine with things. They have mastered their game, wether it has problems or not. They are blissfully content to love their game. They wonder how anyone could question how fun and awesome their game is. The most dedicated and pure form of these people are not the fan boys. Fan boys will argue with you. These people, at their hight, will ignore you. Because, that’s how they accept the game they play. Ignorance is bliss.

I think we all pop around between these three in our times playing games. Leaning towards one or the other. Everyone of us living in our own little hell. At least one of those three types dresses up their hell nice and has Ikea furniture in case anyone ever visits.


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